About Me

About Me

The Short Version:

After a long hiatus, working in the IT field, secretly creative FX Artist returns to the field of his dreams.

And the long …

I started my journey into FX when I was young and watched science fiction movies. Space, technology, spaceships, alien races. These fired my imagination like nothing else. They promised a future that was full of wonder and possibilities. I knew deep down that I wanted to be part of this world, to imagine these worlds, and tell these stories.

The reality was much different, however. Coming from a working-class background, I focused my studies into the technical fields, because let’s face it, creativity doesn’t pay the bills, right?

Topping my mathematics, science and engineering classes in high school, I figured I would be doing something engineering related when I finished. However, I after some soul searching, I decided to pursue a career that was somewhat related to my technical abilities, like drafting, and my love for creativity. So, I chose to study Visual Communication at Western Sydney University.

I really enjoyed this course, where I learned about typography, composition, colour theory. It gave me the creative practice I needed, while also satisfying my technical tendencies. My highlight from the course was however, going to Chile as an exchange student, where I spent a full semester at UNIACC, a small private university, where they taught media and arts. It was here I first got introduced to the world of 3D animation and 3DS MAX. I was bitten by the possibilities of 3D.

As luck, and living pressures would have it, upon graduating from university, I secured a job with the University IT department. This was meant to be a short stint until I could get a position in design. I started to enjoy the challenges and problem solving in the IT department, and the pay wasn’t bad, so I ended up staying. For 12 years.

Now that was a major detour, in terms of following a passion or dream. In that time, I was learning 3D animation and FX as a hobbyist. First starting with Lightwave 3D, (remember that?), then 3DS Max and most recently Blender.

So, after working in IT, supporting a large number of clients, learning about technical problem solving, as well as applying the Design Thinking I learnt at my university study to my work, I felt a calling to return to more creative work.

At this time, I got to hear about a Masters Course being run by UTS in collaboration with Animal Logic, at a newly formed program called Masters of Animation and Visualisation at the equally new studio Animal Logic Academy.

After a year of working with incredibly talented peers, and Leads, I am two weeks from finishing. It has been an amazing journey with lots of ups and downs, but I can honestly say, very rewarding.